Bases 102 part 1 Julie Phelps Secret Space Program

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She is a veteran and worked within the field of mental health. She has had interactions with ETs as far back as she remembers then around the age of 6, she retrieved memories of being put through a form of monarch trauma-based mind control.

At nine she recalls a ritual where she was sold into a high-level Illuminati bloodline family then groomed to be a multi-disciplinary Asset, (a Medusa Asset).

As an adult she joined the RAF, as an aircraft mechanic propulsion (aircraft engines) one of the few in the country. She has since recalled during this time screened memories of excessive guard duty masking working on advanced craft and also connecting with higher- dimensional craft.
Straight after she left the RAF, she joined Marconi where she worked as Quality Control on advanced space and military semiconductors (microchips).
Following this She studied psychology at The Open University where she gained her degree and post degree qualifications in counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and critical incident debriefing. From there she worked within the field of mental health as a Mental Health recovery Worker.
Her children were in hybrid programs and she is in communication with one of her hybrid children who is a mix of arachnid and human DNA, he is currently in a milab.

Julie is also an SSP veteran, served time on mars, and her experiences are ongoing. She has been heavily targeted especially over the past year as she struggles to break free of the mind control programming.
She has been fortunate to have huge support from Simon Parkes and the Canadian Connecting Consciousness members and other friends in Canada. As well as support from various off world and inter-dimensional beings.
She has just returned to the UK and is currently NW regional coordinator for Connecting Consciousness.
She hopes to continue and focus on her role as NW regional coordinator for CC. Also supporting other TI’s (targeted individuals) and Veterans of both SSP and regular armed services especially those suffering from PTSD and trauma. Also, to continue with her other off world agreement as ambassador/mediator between various different beings and groups.
She believes love is the key along with forgiveness to moving forward as a race to the higher dimensions and that we are multi-dimensional beings whose full capabilities have been stifled on this prison planet. She also believes that we can manifest a better future not just for humanity but for other beings. We truly need to support people in waking up as those that are trying to keep us prisoners continue to try to keep Earth is this strangle hold.

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