Bases 101 Children of the Universe Parts 1&2

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I am an occult/esoteric researcher for many years and author of the
Children of the Universe, a book of disclosure and survival,
explaining conspiracy ‘theories’ and the agenda behind world politics.
My mission is to push the boundaries of disclosure to the public and
reveal hidden truths, especially concerning the extra-terrestrial
infiltration, secret technology and the agenda for the 21st century.

Anyone concerned about the future of humanity and where this is
leading us and why, would be interested in my video. I particularly
reveal information suppressed by the authorities regarding the
demonisation of subjects such as Satanism, Paganism and Witchcraft and reveal the true hidden nature of the suppression of human
consciousness regards this.

We live in critical times and the balance of human survival lies in
our hands. By educating ourselves and waking up to the true nature of reality and what is being put in place to destroy us, will ensure our
survival and evolution.
Jane A Williams

A Bases Project educational interview.

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