Ayem Memorial Jan 2020

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Ayem was one of the background people, ‘who was just there’ in the truth movement and UFO community. Based in Liverpool area, she also produced a “coast” style talk show on Radio City. She was there when David Icke started his lectures, and she was there at the northern UFO conferences, in Leeds, and Liverpool
She used to have long chats with me,(Miles Johnston) and one day she said she was just getting off scene. She had had enough, severely bruised by the ‘back chat’ we have in this movement.
I never heard from her again, and that was about 5 -6 years ago.
She sent me a private “good bye” picture I will treasure.

Then at the year end 2019, on the Mind Set blog show, with Gareth Davies.. Ben Emlyn Jones mentioned he was going to a funeral.
I knew it was hers.

I recorded her presentation at the 2010 Belfast Wake Up Call conference. So extremely rare to have anything like that in Northern Ireland. I also interviewed Jim Corr at this event.

I have finally found her talk, and here it is in memory of a great human being and wonderful woman. She did ask me to take it down around 2012 ish. But as it is so rare to have her on stage, rather than back stage, this is released in loving memory of the human being many of us knew.
Briefly features Gareth Icke, and introduced by Northern Ireland truther Sandra Barr.
Picture credit :- David Icke Face book site.

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