Awake & Aware 2019 at High Elms Manor Pyrolysis

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A blog after the Awake & Aware conference at High Elms Manor, for Project Camelot in June 2019, with a couple of useful items of interest.
One is the EKLECTIA double CD by ETN, former colleague Joanne Summerscales, and the second from a close friend Jane A Williams on her first book, The Children of the Universe: A book of Disclosure and Survival.
Get the CD from or +44-7951-752 813.
The Book from Jane Williams

News on Plastics to BioFuel using Pyrolysis, the first huge closed cycle machine went live in mid June, at the SEPCO Thailand plant, making 20,000 litres of Sulphur free BioFuel. This is the answer to getting rid of the plastics.
For details contact Miles at
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