Anne Hess in Stanton St Bernard Cropcircle July 2020

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With months of lockdown, in Norway, Anne came to see the crop circles, and this small 2020 one, is in the same field the the huge 08-08-08 formation was in….Stanton St Bernard……a little bit like the wonderful old days of going to see the crop circles. Miles had spent the day doing a Discovery Channel shoot on crop circles. The wonderful Crop Circle Exhibition Centre open, with its sponsor and creator Monique ….

Do come down to Wiltshire while you can and enjoy this wonderful place,. before things close in again..with the planned second lock down, care of the local Rothschilds and Rockerfellers, onlya few short miles away from this crop circle….

just before the Bases 2020 conference, getting a few short days of fun, and going througha empty and ghostly Heathrow…
A Helicopter hovered over us for an hour plus. once we got to Devizes.

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