Alfred Webre on Simple Plan for Citizen Justice and Carter White house

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The clip focuses on a intricately detailed series of connections, from Alfred Lambremont Webre’s Carter White House years, and the Carter Presidency’s UFO disclosure. Coupled with direct Reptilian and Draco inside the White House and Pentagon. Here Webre describes the Simple Plan for Citizen Justice, which leads to the Rockefeller Foundation Report 2010 on Covide 19’s 2020 “scripted plan” we face in the 2020 crisis… authored by Peter Schwartz (futurist), Webre accuses as being a double agent. He states he was set up by colleague Schwartz in a meeting in the Draco controlled Pentagon. The degree of cross connections here is amazing, and leads directly to the collusion with Bush, the Rockefeller Foundation, and so..with Draco agreements for the mass harvest of humanity RIGHT NOW. and so on and so…

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